Talent Concept

  China Re HK adheres to the talent concept of “respecting talents and exploring potential to pursue outstanding development” and has trained and built a team of high-caliber professionals with strong technical foundation and extensive experience to support the achievement of strategic objectives.

  We always recruit talents in accordance with the concept of “remuneration based on position and performance”, provides employees with competitive remuneration and benefit packages in the market, and adopts the principle of “employing one’s strengths to the fullest” to realise value recognition.

  The Company has established an employee learning ability development system with clear structure and distinct objectives, as well as a training framework covering different levels and subjects. We strives to fully unearth the potential of colleagues with cultural integration as the key and personal growth as our core value.

  The Company upholds the principle of “considering both integrity and talent for scientific assessment”, provides its employees with broad room for development and promotion platform, and strives to achieve sustainable development of employees through all-round and multi-level training and use of talents.